The Story So Far...
A tale of a messed up group of messed up people

The party awoke in a jail, with no knowledge of how they got there or where their equipment is. Inside this jail they met the strange and moderately disgusting Yary Wes’Ton (Scatty Weston), and through a large amount of failed persuasion, failed perception and, failed flirtation, the party managed to knock one of their guards out and release Scatty Weston and their selves from the jail. They soon found their equipment in a chest upstairs, and found that Scatty Weston managed to distract the guards completely, allowing for a safe exit.

Through excessive complaining, Salrus Trust managed to convince the other party members that going to the beach would be a brilliant idea. However it was a terrible idea and the only good thing to come out of that journey was copious amounts of intercourse between Salrus and the parties rogue. Upon arrival at the beach they decided it would be best to go to the nearest city.

The journey to the nearest city took nearly four days, and during this journey the party was ambushed by six bandits who thought relentlessly even though one of the guards had severe depression. Though some party members came near to death multiple times, the bandits were defeated and the party could continue on their journey.

It took two more days for the party to arrive at the closest city, but when they arrived they headed straight for the skyport and traveled to the adventurers guild, in hopes of finding a new quest.


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